Happy Birthday, Ted!

Grandpa Ted is always ready with a helping hand!
I have the world’s most darling father-in-law. He showed his support of my writing way back when, giving me an IBM Selectric typewriter — self-correcting! — to help launch my career. I can’t think of him without thinking of how he entertained all kinds of little kids with his “magic ball in the paper bag” trick. His first language was Swedish, spoken at home on the farm in Clearbrook, Washington, near the Canadian border; his second language was numbers, earning a degree in engineering AND in accounting. He’s very, very smart but I always think of that line from the movie Harvey when I think of Ted: “I’ve discovered in this life you have to be oh so clever or oh so pleasant. I’ve spent many years being clever. I recommend pleasant.” Ted has always found a way to be clever AND pleasant, endearing him instantly to anyone who mets him. And today he celebrates his 91st birthday!

Happy Birthday to a die-hard Cougar fan!

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