Wordy Wednesday

Today’s words come from kids. To be more accurate, from the kids at the schools Mary and I visited last week. They were asked, by their librarians, to write essays about why they’d like the opportunity to eat lunch with us. Here are three of my favorites:

(from a first grader) I want to understand how they come up with their story ideas. I am an author too and need help.

(from a fourth grader): I am very interested in asking about their lives. P.S. Some of the kids’ eating habits in the lunchroom aren’t the best.

(from a 6th grader): I would love to meet them and ask questions about themselves and the books. Nubs and the Two Bobbies are inspiring books and I want to ask how they met Brian Dennis and if they are still in contact. It would be an honor to meet Mary Nethery and Kirby Larson. I also want to tell them that the Two Bobbies inspired me to get a Hurricane Katrina survivor, now my pet dog, Hunter! Thank you, Kirby and Mary, for telling me to get my best friend.

Can you see why we had the best week ever?!