We did it!

I couldn’t eat breakfast this morning, I was so nervous about our Reading with Rover test today. Winston had no worries at all and downed his breakfast enthusiastically. Then, after a last brushing and double-check to see I had all the proper paperwork, we headed off for the test.

We arrived 30 minutes early. (I didn’t want to be late!) Winston happily sniffed the horse corral and blackberry brambles while I reminded myself to breathe. Suddenly, our names were called and in we went.

And we passed!!!

Now, I have to attend 3 Reading with Rover events sans Winston, and then 3 with him, guided by a mentor, as well as log in 10 volunteer hours of visiting at a local nursing home. Then we will be an official Reading with Rover team.

Winston can’t wait to get the bookmarks with his picture on them.

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  1. Susan Temairik

    Congratulations to you both! I’m planning to do that also, although not immediately. I imagine the people the people you work with are wonderful. People who work with animals and small children usually are.