Man’s Best Friend Flakes Out

I promise to have my column next week

From Winston: My Ask Winston column isn’t ready today because some human ate my blog post. Actually, I’m begging for a little more time because it’s summer and all the smart book world people who have agreed to help me are taking vacations. I’m just waiting to fetch up all their answers and will soon have more good insights for you than you can shake a stick at. Dog’s honor!

From Kirby: I guess that means I’m pinch-hitting today. Here goes!

Because Barbara O’Connor has so raved about it, I downloaded a free trial of Scrivener to see if it could help me break through a roadblock with my current WIP.

After two days of playing around with the program and being utterly confused, I deciphered the index card feature which opened my eyes to what the problem was with the novel. Not that I know how to fix it yet (there should be a “make it so” button in the software), I feel like I have a handle on my next step. Oh, and it didn’t hurt that I spent an hour on the phone brainstorming with my eternally patient and insightful friend, Mary Nethery (do you have her new picture book yet? You need it!)

So here’s my question: what writing tools — software or otherwise — could you not live without? What tools have worked for you to get unstuck? Maybe it’s not a tool, but an action (signing up for class, moving your desk, learning a new dance step). Whatever it is, please share!

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  1. Grier Jewell

    Walking! I think it’s the best way to brainstorm and problem-solve. If nothing else, it keeps me from developing a hunch in my back from sitting at the computer. Marvin Bell says that walking is essential to writing. I wonder if there are any successful writers who don’t have a walking regimen (or yoga or dance or trapeze). I bet not.