Wordy Wednesday

Sometimes we are lucky in that certain lovely, dreamy, smart folks bump up against us in life and they don’t mind that we call them “friend.”

I am that lucky in that (I think!) Julie Larios calls me friend. She is scary smart when it comes to poetry, as well as being kind and warm and — I think I especially love this about her!– she collects photos of picnics! It is from Julie that I acquired the habit of checking eBay for photos/diaries of certain time periods.

So recently (April 15; okay, I’m behind the times!) she posted a poem in which she only used the vowel “o” (and a little cheat with a y). So it got me to thinking:

is there a vowel you could do without? I’m not horribly fond of u. . .except it is part of my beloved daughter’s (ouch, daughter!) name. Perhaps (oy vey) I could skip “a” but then where would my “perhaps” be?

Hmm. Maybe there is no vowel one can do without completely. . .but for the fun of it: is there one you could overlook for a paragraph or so?

Whilst you do your homework, I’m going to do mine. Meet you back here Friday with the results.

No Responses to “Wordy Wednesday”

  1. Grier Jewell

    I took a stab at your little game and tried something without using a particular vowel. Ugh. It wuz rilly hrrrrd. I had to stitch things together in an unnatural way just because I was limited by vocabulary. Form dictated function, or in this case, dysfunction.

    Here’s my “minus a” frankenscript:

    She kissed her winter memories goodbye, let them drip down the steps, out the door, over the fence, then onto the neighbor’s front porch where her little brother stuffed them into his mouth.

    “Mmmm,” mumbled the boy, blissfully chewing on December.

    She did not like the looks of this one bit, but could not for the life of her remember why.

  2. Julie Larios

    I’m thinking!!! A- as in charm, E- as in sweet, I- as in wit, O – as in old, U – as in burst. Which could I do without? “Old” is looking possible. Will post soon. Love a challenge.