Ten in 2010

Today was my last school visit for the year — take a look at the great sign guarding a parking spot just for me!
Thank you, Mr. Cissna at Maltby Elementary!

While the kids were terrific and energetic and appreciative, the scent of summer vacation hung heavy over the campus. So that’s today’s theme!

Summer Vacation

One library card, one girl:
three months of summer bliss.

Your turn!
Tune in tomorrow for an exclusive interview with the Charlotte to my Wilbur, Mary Nethery, in honor of her brand-new picture book: The Famous Nini: A Mostly True Story of How a Plain White Cat Became a Star.

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  1. Nicole Marie Schreiber

    Summer Vacation
    by Nicole Marie Schreiber

    Licking Popsicle drips
    while drawing cloud pictures
    underneath summer’s canopy.

    Sorry I didn’t get to this sooner! I am very behind on my blog reading, 🙂