No Time At All

Last week, *the* manuscript returned from my beloved editor. Her words: “We’re just asking for a few tweaks. It shouldn’t take you very long.”

Please define “not very long.”

As in the time it takes to run a light load in the dishwasher?

Or as in the time it takes to give birth to an elephant?

I love my editor but I’m thinking she thinks “not very long” is in the quick cycle of the dishwasher department.

Whereas I am thinking it’s in the elephant gestation department.

Which means I have a ways to go on those tweaks.

No Responses to “No Time At All”

  1. 2k9 Grads

    Ha! My editor and I have a long-standing disagreement about what will take me hardly any time at all. 🙂

    I’ll be thinking of you as I plod through my copy edits this week.