Ten in 2010

We’ve been having a great time with these ten word stories — let’s keep going awhile longer, shall we? As I type this, Winston the Wonderdog is industriously chewing a shoe. (sigh) So how about the theme of pets for this one? Feel free to interpret this theme as broadly as you wish!

Sole Food

My Jimmy’s are “chooed”
by a dog who loves shoes.

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  1. Kate Higgins

    Cat Therapy

    Fern and Cedar,
    kitten siblings, insist
    purring fixes all problems.

    My Maine coon kittens are big, friendly, furry and reliable stress busters for any problem, real or imaginary. ‘Cedar’ is a black and white, tuxedo cat with a tail that looks like a chimney brush. And his sister ‘Fern’ is a calico with fur that feels like rabbit. They were pound kitties.