Misery Loves Company

Anybody else out there wrassling with a revision? Fighting a first draft? Find good company — and encouragement! — over at CuppaJolie.

Jolie’s into word counts right now; since I’m revising (I hope for the last time!) my goal is to stay in my chair, even when I’m frustrated. Especially when I’m frustrated. I’ve learned that about myself — that I have to stay put sometimes to experience a breakthrough. So no organizing the spice drawer, sorting clothes for the Goodwill or even cleaning my office until I’m done.

I am allowed to walk Winston, however!

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  1. Beverley BevenFlorez

    Ah, it’s so easy to procrastinate while deluding yourself that what you’re doing is important. Like deciding that your closet must be reorganized today, even though it’s been in the same state for months. Lol.