Flat Stanley and the Olympic Torch

Have you ever had a Flat Stanley come visit you? It’s fun! When my Flat Stanley arrived from Albert in Montana, via Los Angeles, we had a great time. He met Winston,

went with me to yoga,

up to Shangri-Lar
Flat Stanley always buckles up for safety!

He found sea shells and beach glass
and saw a bald eagle

and then we got up at the crack of dawn
Flat Stanley and the Peace Arch

in the fu-reezing cold to watch the Olympic Torch
Famous skier, Phil Mahre, carried the torch partway

pass from Canada into the US and back again at Peace Arch Park.

My hands were so shaky from the cold it was hard to take this picture!

Flat Stanley and his Flat Stanley friend from Boston with a Mountie

Two buddies with Washington State Governor Christine Gregoire

Flat Stanley didn’t complain once about the cold — I did enough complaining for the both of us.

We were sad to see him go but it was time for him to go on to his next adventure! I sure hope he stays in touch.