Random Acts of Kindness

Do you remember my mentioning having coffee awhile back with Merna Kochel whose mother-in-law’s diary provided me with the spark for the scene in Hattie Big Sky where Violet tangles with a wolf?

Well, Merna wins my award of the day — of the year! — for a Random Act of Kindness. It seems she was helping a friend pack up her house to move and the friend was going to pitch this book:
for some reason, this image won’t rotate — so you’ll have to!

and Merna remembered my saying I was working on a WWII book so she rescued the book from the discard pile and mailed it to me.

Is this world full of good people or what?!

In celebration of Merna, I’m going to go do something nice for someone.

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  1. Emilie

    You could loan me this wonderful-looking book when you’re finished with it–that would certainly be a Random Act of Kindness:)