Here’s to You!

Thanks to the one-woman whirlwind, Tricia Gardella, the Write Sisters were formed more than a dozen of years ago. Certain routines established at that first sleep-over at Ann Paul’s house have now become set in stone: lots of laughing, lots of snacking and lots and lots of energetic, heartfelt and thoughtful critique.

Writing is lonely and tough and we need our friends to help us from those baby steps of a first draft to the confident stride to “the end.”

Maybe you’re in a discouraging spot right now. . .or maybe you’re celebrating a first sale. Wherever you are on the writing/publishing spectrum, here’s to you, from us, for hanging in there!
Kirby, Helen, Mary, Ann

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  1. Karen

    I am at a tough spot right now and so will hoist a glass of wine, imagine your laughter, and get me some of that energetic, thoughtful critique long distance. Here’s to us!