Revision Smack-Down

Good friends (and great writers) Holly Cupala and Jolie Stekly weren’t about to suffer in lonely silence with current revision projects. No! They took their angst public and challenged all comers to a Summertime Revision Smack Down: Powered by Licorice, Bum Glue and You.

If you need a kick in the pants (or a smack with a licorice whip), here’s your event. You can make your revision goals public and know that hundreds of other book creators are out there, chained to the computer just like you will be on sunny summer days. Misery loves company!

I told them I’m in but thanks to my new editorial assistant, I have plenty of revision help at the moment.
Winston B. Larson, canine extraordinaire

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  1. Barbara O'Connor

    Oh, I’m so happy you’ve joined the My-Dog-is-the-Cutest-Dog-in-the-Universe Club with me!!! He is adorable – and obviously a very good assistant.

    Revision Shmevision….who needs it when you have a dog?

  2. Cuppa Jolie

    OMG, Kirby. You could just post a pic of Winston daily and it would keep me happy. I can’t wait to have puppy chats with you (Luna is 5 1/2 months old now).

    Warning: Puppies really DO eat homework (and manuscripts, too).

  3. BJW

    Somebody needs do to a post where every writer (ok or illustrator, geesh) adds a pic of their mutt with the name. I swear all the writer folk I’m meeting have dogs and most of those are puppies. Winston’s a cool name. I have a poster of Winston Churchill above my desk giving the victory sign. It says Never, never give up.

  4. holly cupala

    I want to be in the writers-with-cute-puppies club! Alas, I have to settle for being in the Smackdown club – which has turned out to be a lot more fun than misery. Thank you for your contribution, Kirby!