Toys and Tools

Not only did I get to hear the genuine and insightful Susan Patron speak last night, I got to dine with her, too. Over bowls of Mexican Chicken soup, we chattered away about everything from her newest book to where to buy galoshes. Later, as she signed a copy of Lucky Breaks for me, I oohed over her groovy pen:

It’s not just another pretty face — it’s ergonomic! Susan suggested I try it out and it was heaven on my arthritic thumb. When I said so, that generous girl gave it to me She said she was headed to Powell’s today and could easily get another one. But that just goes to show you what kind of person she is and reading Lucky Breaks (and Higher Power of Lucky) will show you just what kind of writer she is (hint: it rhymes with shamazing).

On the theme of tools and toys: I shared with you sometime back that I was drooling over the Asus EEE, especially in SweetPea Green.

Guess what I now own? In SweetPea Green.
Notice that I have cleverly posed it atop a copy of the book, 1000 Places to See Before You Die. I did this (a) to give a visual of how cute and compact this netbook is and (b) to give my first hint about the trip that simply seemed to cry out for this purchase.

Ma’a as-salaama.