Party Girl

I love to celebrate, especially if the celebration is tied to books. So I had a grand time tonight partying on behalf of Joni Sensel‘s newest book, The Farwalker’s Quest,

at Secret Garden Bookshop.

Not only did I get to enjoy dinner beforehand with a lovely literary crew (including Joni’s darling parents), and snuggle with my favorite babykins, the Truly Adorable and Kissable Violet, I won a prize!

Not the foot massage, however. I was a bit sad about that, especially after seeing former SCBWI Regional Advisor, Cathy Benson, walk around dreamy-eyed after her session. But I did win a great pocket notepad AND the bonafide autograph of the most-unassuming Ms. Sensel.

The crowd went wild when it was announced that the ink is nearly dry on a contract for a sequel.

The Seattle paparazzi missed out on photo ops tonight not only of the sensational Ms. Sensel, but of the capable and creative Ms. Holly Cupala and the smokin’ writer mama, Ms. Julie Reinhardt, author of She-Smoke: Backyard Barbecue (Seal Press). Notice I, too, missed out on said photo opps. What can I say? I’m great at “shouldas.”

I hope your Friday night found you celebrating some aspect of the literary life!

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  1. Kirby Larson


    It’s never quite the party without you. But you were busy pumping iron and kicking booty. I had to take 2 Advil and an ice pack after reading your post about your weekend.