More Boise Observations

You can’t have this one; it’s mine. I am going to write about a school where the school nurse is:

At another school I visited today, the (utterly delightful) librarian was Ms. Friend. Dibs on that one, too!

In addition to visiting with adorable children at three different elementaries today (I’m even counting the kid who asked me how much I weighed when I started my first book!), I enjoyed student artwork:

(Thanks to Jean Cassels, who created the downloadable coloring page of the Two Bobbies!)

Jean would’ve loved these snowflakes hanging from the ceiling in the Jefferson Elementary Library:
Can you guess what they’re made of? Hint: think 6-packs, but not of the ab variety.

Finally, the secretary at Jefferson is a true visionary. She has figured out what to do with all those sticky paper visitor passes:
Make a badge ball!

She says the hardest part is at the beginning of each year when neat-freaks mistake her embryonic badge ball for trash.

Another great day under blue skies in Boise! Wish you were here.

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