Welcome to Kirby’s Lane

There are blessings to being snowed in. I’m thinking of all the calories I’ve burned off shoveling snow, for one thing. But I’ve also had a bit of time to tackle something that’s been on my to-do list since I attended the Kidlit Blogosphere conference in Portland back in September:

A new blog!

Dear friends Jaime Temairik and Holly Cupala have not been able to post comments on my old blog so it was time to make the move. And the move required a new name. So welcome to “Kirby’s Lane: A Place for Readers and Writers.” And bird lovers, too, of course. Why Kirby’s Lane? Well, it sounds cozy and friendly, a place where friends new and old are welcome. But there’s another reason. When Mom decided to name me “Kirby,” (and she stuck to her guns despite being offered cold hard cash by my dad’s commanding officer to change it to something prettier, like “Lenore”), it was a challenge to find a middle name that would link that rather unusual first name with our even more unusual last name, “Miltenberger.” Not sure who thought of it or why, but “Lane” was what was filled in on my birth certificate. Though I like it a lot, it’s not a name I get to use very often.

So please drop in often at Kirby’s Lane. The teakettle is always on and if we can’t talk books or writing, we can sit in companionable silence and watch the birds.

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  1. CocoaStomp

    Yay, Kirby!
    Just what I wanted for Christmas — your new blog!
    Hope your darlings made it safe and sound and a happy holiday to you all.