Snow Place Like Home for the Holidays

Our first winter at Shangri-Lar and, look at that snow! Last Saturday, we felt like kids, taking pictures, making tracks, throwing snowballs.

Day two of snow meant less joy and more work. You can see the
accumulation on Mr. Heron here. What you can’t see is our driveway. We couldn’t see it either until we applied back muscles and snow shovels.

By Christmas Eve, our heron was nearly buried. So was Neil’s car.

Evidently, our new holiday traditions involve snow shovels, rock salt and soggy mittens, not to mention digging relatives’ cars out of ditches.

In other words, it was the best Christmas ever!

Though my favorite gift was a house full of family, (playing raucous games of Last Word, as well as nearly completing a 1000 piece jigsaw puzzle), this present from Quinn is much treasured. The longer links on the bracelet are stamped with inspirational words — write, create, dream, read — to get me kicked back into gear come the new year. And most amazing of all is that she made this herself! She’s something else, that girl.

I hope your holidays were blessed with joy, love, peace and lots of material for new stories.

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